Will linode support rhel in future?


Since rhel became free of charge for up to 16 production servers maybe linode will support it in the future? I am really looking into it. There are some tutorials on how to turn fedora node into rhel but that's not the solution since i think it will run under VM(i am not 100% sure).

So Linode, will you support it in the future?

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Hi @ayleid96 - It's something we can look into. We keep track of interest in different distros, and I've added your interest to our internal feature request tracker so we can keep it in mind when considering distros to add in the future.

Just for reference, you can see all the distros we have available to deploy here:


RHEL is a must have now that it's free for some use.

@sblantipodi Thanks for sharing your interest in this distribution! I've included your request on our internal tracker for future consideration.


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