How to install the bitnami/postgresql-ha Helm chart on Linode kubernetes?

I've tried to install the PostgreSQL High Availability configuration provided by Bitnami as a Helm chart on Linode Kubernetes.
It seems to automatically create PVs and PVCs, but fails to properly mount all of them.

Has anyone figured out how to get it running on Linode?

For what it's worth: Following Linode's installation guides, I had no trouble installing a single PostgreSQL database instance on Linode Kubernetes, including a manually created PV, PVC, and NodePort service.

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There are a few things that might be causing this, and since I'm not seeing your specific configurations I wanted to pass along some resources that we've provided to other customers running into similar issues.

The first is from Stack Overflow, and it states that PostgreSQL being initialized might be the cause of the issue:

Facing issue in mounting portgresql persistance volume in kubernetes locally

Another from Stack Overflow that addresses this issue (there is a solution that discusses making a configuration change):

Kubernetes - pod has unbound immediate PersistentVolumeClaims

Finally, this talks about the mount errors in more detail:

Pod volume mounting failing even after PV is bound and attached to pod

I hope these links are helpful!


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