Linode Longview absolutely kills my linode

It spikes the CPU to 250% and stalls any service that happens to be running then has a fit when it reboots. This is on a pretty much clean install of Ubuntu. Is there anything I can do?

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I'd recommend looking at a few things, first to make sure that it's Longview causing the high CPU and second, looking into Longview to find out why.

I want to give you some resources you can use to look into this. First, this other post will show you how to look into the causes of high CPU usage:

Investigate the Cause of High CPU Usage

This guide should also help. It shows you how to use top to monitor server performance:

Using top to Monitor Server Performance

If you determine that it is Longview causing the high CPU usage, it is recommended that you run it in Debug Mode to get verbose log output which should give you more information on the cause:

Debug Mode

I hope this gets you pointed int he right direction!


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