Set the Longview hostname

Hi, all. Anyone here know how to set the hostname for Longview? It appears right below the Longview name and defaults to "localhost." I have two (2) longviews running. One has the correct FQDN, the other still says localhost. I've run hostnamectl on both servers, /etc/hostname shows the correct FQDN on both, but this one Longview is stuck in localhost-land.

Ideas? Thanks!

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Setting a hostname on a Linode is dependent upon the distribution that Linode is running. The directions for all of our supported distros can be found in our guides through the link below:

Getting Started - Set the Hostname

Based on your usage of hostnamectl in your question, I assume you're using one of the following distros:

Arch / CentOS 7 / Debian 8 / Fedora / Ubuntu 16.04 and above

If that is the case, you want to run the following command to set the hostname:

hostnamectl set-hostname example-hostname

If that's what you're doing, and it isn't working, are there any errors you get when you run that command? If so, feel free to thread them here.

I hope that helps you out. If it doesn't answer your question, or I've misunderstood, feel free to reply here to let me know.


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