Error 599 - Ping Error

I can create the login and it generates a QR code, but then to login with that QR code give these errors.

*ping could not find host. Please check the name and try again.
*website login 599 error.

QR Code for Login

Debian Server 1 CPU Core

I could use some suggestions on where to start on a resolution.

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Based on the 599 error message, it sounds like your server was acting as a proxy and was experiencing some sort of networking timeout to the client trying to access the proxy. I say that based on this definition of a 599 server error message.

For networking timeout issues, I would recommend running MTR reports between both locations - one from your Linode to your local computer and another one in the opposite direction.

If the MTR doesn't show any packet loss or rate-limiting, then I would start digging into your server's logs to see what they are telling you is causing any issues.


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