Error 404 default backend when trying to acces kubernetes cluster via nodeBalancer IPaddress

Hello, I am new in Linode and unfortunately, I have a problem and no clue anymore how to solve it.

I have a kubernetes cluster running on linode. My ingress is nginx and I already set the "nginx"

When I try to acces the cluster via my NodeBalancer's host name:

everything works absolutely fine, but as soon as I try to access it via the ip-address of the nodeBalancer, I get the error: default backend-404

I have no Idea what I'm doing wrong

Thank you very much

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I have not run into this error before, but I want to try and point you in the right direction. I did some digging around online, and I found a few resources which might be useful to you in troubleshooting this error.

First, this Stack Overflow article features a question from a user getting the same error. It's illustrated with examples, and while they may not be your exact configuration they might shed some light on what might be causing this to happen:

How to fix ingress 404 default backend

Also, I found this doc that discusses the error as well:

Ingress nginx always return "default backend - 404" after I added host name

I also want to open up this thread to the Linode Community, so I have added some tags to it so that it will have more visibility.


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