Install an external admission controller

I manage several k8s clusters and have been experimenting with LKE for a client. For the application I have several mutating admission controllers. One of these I run on a google cloud function endpoint for decrypting secrets using berglas.

On a GCP k8s or a self-managed cluster these instructions work fine: A GCP cloud function is deployed and that endpoint is used in a MutatingWebhookConfiguration as a clientConfig.url.

AFAICT this does not work. My cloud function never receives a AdmissionReview request from LKE.

So I pulled up my sleeves, and wrote some additional Go + helm to:

  • use cert-manager to create a self-signed cert
  • save cert to secret
  • use cert-manager cainjector to inject the cert into the MutatingWebhookConfiguration
  • create dockerfile + deployment for berglas admission mutation webhook
  • attach the certificate secret to the berglas webhook deployment as a volume
  • use the certificate to start a TLS webhook
  • install the webhook into the LKE cluster

That works! So appears that using a clientConfig that targets an endpoint in the cluster-- that works fine. cert-manager and other apps do this, and I was able to get it to work myself. However, a clientConfig.url that targets an endpoint that is not inside the cluster and is hosted at an external location does not seem to work.

I didn't see any documentation on this, so this left me wondering if this behavior is expected.

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This sort of setup won't work on an LKE cluster, as the kube-apiserver will not be able to reach a service running external to the cluster.

A workaround is Hashicorp's Consul. That is very good at taking external (to the cluster) networking and bringing it inside the cluster.


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