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G'Day Team,
I have recently setup a basic Linode environment.
I would like to do design myself a Shop-Front using a Web Editor but not sure where to start.
I like the idea of a WYSISYG editor.

Any recommendations??

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Hi @pgm - We have many different CMS One-Click Apps available to deploy via our Marketplace. One of the most popular CMSes that also includes a WYSIWYG editor is WordPress. We have a guide on setting it up via the One-Click App here:


From there, you can install many different plugins for WordPress such as a storefront plugin:


I wouldn’t recommend a what you see is what you get editor for development. Back in my day when Dreamweaver wasn’t yet bought by Adobe Graphic Designers who didn’t really know how write HTML by hand used those. Maybe some still do.

For development you need a text editor that you like. I like Sublime Text for what I do.

For an online shop, if you don’t have much or enough programming experience, I would stick to something that handles the payment processing for you and such.

You could use Wordpress, but you’re always at the mercy of the quality of the plug-ins and if they are or will continue to be maintained.


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