Anyone else having spam issues because of bad IP address history?

TL/DR: My email gets marked as spam despite the domains and server settings being clean. It's all because the Linode customer before me was a spammer and Linodel gave me their old IP address. Anyone else facing this?

I was assigned two different IP addresses following a migration to a new Linode. The first one had a deep, insurmountable spam issue, so support assigned me a second one. That one, too, has a well-documented spam issue. Cloudmark, AT&T and Google all flagged it in November - three months before Linode assigned it to me.

After months of work and little actual help from support, I've been able to resolve the issues with Cloudmark and Google is only a problem for some domains. AT&T still won't deliver any of the domains email. None of it is related to mail server settings (DKIM, SPF and PTR records are all in order). All of the issues are because of the IP history of the Linode.

Support's last message to me was basically "what do you want us to do about it?" so opening yet another ticket seems pointless, despite this being a clear issue of Linode's sloppy housekeeping.

Anyone else having similar issues?

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Are you running your own mail server?

@wcsprime --

It sounds like you have a bad case of this:

Every net in Linode's ASN appears on this RBL. UCEPROTECT is an extortion racket.

-- sw

@stevewi That may be the case, but if Google, Cloudmark and AT&T are all listening to them, then there's a real problem.

@acanton77 Yes, I run my own mail server and it passes every configuration test you can throw at it.

Do you use DMARC too?


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