Using object storage on a custom domain

Hi all hope your well,

I am looking to build a small file hosting solution with the object storage feature in Linode and wondering if I can get some input from others regarding the best way to do so.

I am looking to build the main site on the root domain and then have a files. subdomain pointing to a master storage bucket and then have subfolders in there for the different accounts.

I will however need a way for the data to be managed and billed through a web interface so not sure if Nextcloud or something would work.

Looking forward to get any advice on this!

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This sounds really cool. Nextcloud is probably the way to go. We have a Marketplace App to get Nextcloud up and running. Also, I found these two great links for using Object Storage with Nextcloud.

For billing and management tools, Nextcloud has some great plugins that should set you up with exactly what you need: Nexcloud Apps

To prettify Nextcloud URLs, you should check out this excellent Nextcloud article

I also found a really cool article on bucket policies/permissions for specific users linked here:

Hope this helps point you in the right direction!


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