What container runtime does Linode plan to use for LKE after Dockershim deprecation?

As you may have seen, in Kubernetes 1.20 Dockershim was deprecated.

Has Linode made public what container runtime it plans to use once this deprecation becomes a removal, and when will the switch be made?

Some applications that I run on LKE do have some reliance on the underlying Docker socket runnning (though can very easily be modified for containerd or the like), so I'm curious as to when I should start working to make that change.

Cheers, Joe

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@jb3 - I checked with our LKE team on this. While we don't have anything to announce just yet, when/if the change does come (dockershim will continue to receive support from Mirantis and Docker, and will continue to work as a CRI compliant container runtime), it will be for versions 1.23 or later and we’ll be sure to mention this change in our changelogs at release https://developers.linode.com/changelog/linode-kubernetes-engine/

Gotcha, thanks for the answer @jcardillo!


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