How do I install curl on my server?

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I am trying to setup a plugin for my WordPress site and keep getting this error message "Curl Isn't Installed on the Server".

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There are two types of curl programs that we can install. One is the curl program for the command line and the other is a module for php.

Installing Command Line curl
To install the command line curl for Ubuntu/Debian, run the apt-get install curl command. Proceed to verify the installation by running curl -V.
For other distributions, you can refer to this guide by

Installing php-curl
To install php-curl on your Linode running Ubuntu/Debian,

  1. First, update your ubuntu system first.
    apt-get update

  2. Check the version of php.
    php -v

  3. Install php-curl
    apt-get install php-curl
    (Add the version number after "php" to install the correct version. Example: To install version 5.6, you will run apt-get install php5.6-curl)

  4. Verify curl is installed and check its version.
    dpkg -l *curl*

You can find more on installing php-curl for other distributions here.


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