How do I configure DNS Domains setting currently If we purchased domain from Godaddy.

We have purchased a domain from Godaddy(e.g. and also add many records from Godaddy DNS setting console directly for a while and those records must not changeable, which means we will not transfer to use linode's console.

Now, we have to make our one Linode machine send email out from linode's cloud environment. Thus, we start to configure Linode Domains setting and get stuck.

My questions are:

  1. What settings should I have done from Godaddy first?
    a) adding a new NS record like (NS mail
    b) adding a new CNAME record like (CNAME mail

  2. Once above setting is done, what value should be added under Linode's DNS setting?
    a) adding as domain name?

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To point your domain to Linode’s DNS servers (to manage your domain in the Linode Manager) you would only need to change your domain’s nameservers in GoDaddy.

(This isn’t just a case of adding NS records; there is usually a specific option to change nameservers which will change where the domain points to at the relevant registry.)

Any records that should be on your domain’s DNS should then be added in Linode. GoDaddy will simply be responsible for renewing the domain.

Alternatively, you can just create the relevant records in GoDaddy’s DNS control panel.

Either way, you would need an A record with your Linode’s IP address (e.g. Then update the rDNS of that IP to be “”.

You can then request from support that SMTP is unblocked.

See this blog post for more information.


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