How do we get just one more nic/VLAN?

Is it possible to get 1 more nic/VLAN for a Linode?

Currently we can have 3, but when we build a segmented lan (physical or cloud) we always have WAN, plus 3 others to keep specific tasks isolated from each other with a firewall in between. (just think firewall with 4 interfaces)
eth0/1/2+VLAN's works perfect, but we just can't get that 4th interface, which is a show stopper. Just one more nic/VLAN would enable us to move from the likes of GCP/AWS/Physical and stay secure and compliant.


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Hi @RichC — This is a limitation within the VLAN service. Since there are 3 configurable network interfaces on each Linode, up to 3 VLANs can be attached. I've documented your request for additional configurable network interfaces within an internal tracker that we use and I have escalated that request to the appropriate team. Hopefully this is something that we're able to do at some point in the future.


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