Auto-resize disc on resizing a Linode

I have a nanode I wanted to resize up to 4Gb/80Gb. The nanode resized successfully but the disc did not. I couldn't check the "Auto-resize disc?" option on the cloud manager resize page.

The nanode's root volume is a RAW disc. Is auto-resize one of those things (like backups and snapshots) that are only available to ext4 volumes (mine is ZFS)?

-- sw

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I thought they automatically resized too. I remember in the past 2-3 years ago (give or take) I would have to manually adjust the allocation in the manager.

Thanks Lou. I'll try that. If that works, it will save me a lot of work.

-- sw

Well, now I'm hosed. Changing the allocation didn't work…something to do with ZFS…and I can't resize a raw partition down. Might as well just start over… I have a mirror here at home.

-- sw

Essh…sorry. That goes beyond my feeble mind. But honestly I never did any fancy with disk partitioning. lol


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