Using browsers in Kali Linux with Linode IP

So logging into terminal on kali linux I ssh. Then using a linode server is beneficial. I am new, well all things considered, to this field. So… how do I utilize that linode ip in firefox, on Kali? The point of paying for this is to have my system running off that server, not just the terminal.

Appreciate the feedback.

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You have to set up a web server in order to browse a site on your Linode.

Even though the second one is about CentOS 8, the knowledge presented should be pretty portable to Kali.

If you're looking for cPanel or some such, the prime directive on Linodes is that the only stuff you have available are:

  • stuff that comes with your distro; and
  • stuff you install yourself.

Linode is not shared hosting…you are master of your own domain. With great power comes great responsibility.

-- sw


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