Does Linode Minecraft marketplace server not work?

I created a minecraft server using the marketplace. After the server was created, I wasn't able to connect. I connected to the server remotely, but I don't see a mcserver/ folder created in my HOME directory. Should I just install minecraft myself?

I followed this guide:

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When I booted up my first Minecraft Server, it didn't work for me either. I discovered that I accidentally used a mixed case username for the admin user and it broke the script in such a way that the user never got created. I was able to replicate this script breaking issue again today.

The first thing that I would recommend you check is that the username that you placed into the The username for the Linode's admin/SSH user (required) field is entirely in lowercase. The username you populate in that field is simply to log into the Linode to do administrative tasks within the server. It does not need to match your Mojang or Microsoft username.

It is important that the admin user gets created during the initial boot script because the bulk of the Minecraft server files are created within this admin user's home directory. If that admin user doesn't exist, then neither does that user's home directory. This means many of the files from the Minecraft install have nowhere to land.

If you did use a mixed case username in that field, your best bet is to delete the current Linode and boot up a brand new one from the Marketplace app using an all lowercase username.

After about 10 minutes from when the Linode initially booted up, your Minecraft Server should be ready to be accessed from the Minecraft Launcher on your personal computer. If there is a red X over the status bars, or it says Old, then your Linode has not finished installing Minecraft. Wait a few minutes, then hit Refresh.

At this point you can log into the admin user (not the root user) on your Linode to manage the Minecraft server from within the Linode. Various files to configure the world options are located at /home/$USER/serverfiles where $USER is the admin username you chose. In this directory you will find the files, banned-ips.json, ops.json and a folder labeled with the world name you made at creation of the Linode. Inside this folder are other configuration files for that specific world.

Here is a link to the Minecraft Wiki which is a wealth of knowledge regarding different ways you can edit those files to customize your server.


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