How Do I Install and Configure SoftEther

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I am trying to install and configure a SoftEther VPN server with L2TP/IPsec settings.

I've been able to do this on my home server, but could somebody provide some direction for doing this on Linode?

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I am not all too familiar with SoftEther and it's configuration, but I did find some information online that may help.

If you are having difficulty getting a SoftEther VPN server running on Linux, you may find the official guides from SoftEther helpful:

I also found that SoftEther have a setup guide for L2TP/IPsec:

I did notice that SoftEther recommended distros are Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, and CentOS. If you are trying to install on another distribution, this may be the cause of some of your issues.

Though, I am also seeing a number of references online to installing and configuring SoftEther on Ubuntu 18.04. A user shared the below script that they created on Github to help automate the installation and configuration process. This may be helpful, though I have not tried this myself.

I'd be curious to what the rest of the Community has to offer, so if anyone else has experience with SoftEther, please feel free to chime in.


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