I changed my Wordpress IP and can't change it back

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When using WordPress through my server one of the design plugins registered a 429 error. I tried to add an extension to the IP address in the WP Settngs area to remedy the error.

Now, I am unable to gain access my WordPress site or proper WP admin login area because of the change. The IP address in the WordPress program was originally "IPaddress" but I changed it incorrectly to "IPaddress:9999"

How can I:

  • Change the IP address back to the correct information?
  • Eliminate the 429 error?

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It looks like you may have edited the port your site is accessible over rather than the IP address itself. IP addresses for your site would only be edited or swapped from the hosting side (the Linode side).

The 429 error represents a "too many requests" error and suggests an issue with the plugin itself. Once you're able to access the WordPress admin site, I'd recommend uninstalling that plugin.

If you're having trouble accessing the admin login page, there may be a problem with your PHP config file. You should be able to access that by logging into your Linode directly (probably easiest as the root user) and looking for the wp-config.php file. Based on the suggestions in this WordPress site post, you'll want the file to include the following syntax:

define( 'WP_HOME', 'http://example.com' );
define( 'WP_SITEURL', 'http://example.com' );

This other post from Server Lab about changing WordPress site port numbers suggests a similar syntax but with the port number appended to the URL or IP: How to change WordPress port 80 to 8080

Good advice from "jdutton." I'll only add that if you have a caching plugin in and it is on and you can't log in to the admin panel, you should disable that plugin… probably by renaming it via an SFTP client or SSH.

Take into consideration a bit of advice from an old WordPress guy: Use as few plugins as necessary and only use those that are 'most popular.' Let someone else be the 'first responder' on new plugins.

I'be been writing computer code since 1974. Here is a riddle that is still relevant today as it was back then:

Q: In software, how can you tell who the pioneers are?
A: They are the ones with the arrows in their backs!


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