Nextcloud suddenly in maintenance mode

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My Nextcloud app, which I installed via the Marketplace App, was working fine but it suddenly went to maintenance mode.

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I should first start by letting you know that NextCloud is installed by the Marketplace App in /var/www/nextcloud. The latest release ( is downloaded and extracted to that folder.

By default, logs are not set up, which may help you determine what's the cause behind the maintenance page. However, you can configure the logs with the help of NextCloud's documentation and a relevant post I found in Nextcloud's forum:

When those articles refer to config.php, that file is located in /var/www/nextcloud/config.

You apparently may also be able to straight up turn off the maintenance mode:

The command those users execute (occ) has an article in Nextcloud's Docs:

Nextcloud Docs | Maintenance commands

The occ command is found in /var/www/nextcloud.


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