Unable to connect to VPS

So I created a VPS in Atlanta a few days ago and it was working fine until now when I tried to connect to it via SSH and it failed. I rebooted but same issue. When I checked LISH console then it shows it is properly booted and I can run commands.
Anyway I rebuilt the VPS by reinstalling OS but same issue. Cannot connect via SSH. Then I deleted VPS and created a new one in Atlanta (a new IP was assigned to VPS) but it has same problem i.e. unable to connect via SSH on port 22.
It seems my IP may be blocked by some Linode firewall or something else?
I have 5 other VPS in different locations and they all are working fine, only this Atlanta one has this problem.
This issue is very strange.

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I just ran into this same issue and it's on my only Linode I'm currently running. I submitted a ticket, so I hope they get back to me soon because It's my XMPP server and my accounts are unable to connect!

Is your VPS in Atlanta?
Looks like some issue with Atlanta location.

I believe it is …. wasn't sure if it was on my end or theirs.


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