Anyone can get older Ubuntu server to work with Linode?

I need to deploy Ubuntu server 14.04 to test my program, and it need to be accessible over the net, so I need to host my app running 14.04 on Linode.

However, Linode doesn't seem to support 14.04 as it was already EOL, so I followed this instruction --> to launch a custom iso (14.04 server iso) on Linode.

Everything works fine until the installation steps, it asked for cdrom when there are none to be provided, I already read this thread but can't seem to get it work.

So I want to ask, has anyone getting Ubuntu server iso to works with Linode? What step do I miss?

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From your perspective, at least initially, this may not be the most helpful answer to offer, but…

You should be working on updating your app to a supported operating system, instead of trying to get an EOL operating system to work so that you can expose it to the internet. There's a very good reason why 14.04 isn't offered as an image anymore - it's END OF LIFE. No longer supported. Any currently existing vulnerabilities in 14.04 and the versions of software provided with it will remain unfixed. Any new ones discovered will remain unfixed.

Update your app.

Update your app.

…and let this be a lesson… Don't ever do this again!

-- sw


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