LKE node keeps on crashing until recycled

Hi, I am running 2 node application i.e. nuxt app in lke 2gb ram node.
It works fine, but once in a day or two the pods deployed on that node keeps on crashing with error code 255, until I recycle that node.

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Hi there,

The exit code 255 is something of a generic error code that doesn't directly offer much insight into what is occurring. As you mention recycling the node resolves the issue, there are a lot of variables that may causing this behavior.

To get a better understanding of what is causing this behavior you are going to want to try following the Kubernetes guidance for troubleshooting applications, I'll go ahead and link that information here:

If you determine this is a memory issue, you may want to try resizing your LKE nodes to plans with larger memory resources.

I hope this information helps. If you should continue to have issues, I'd recommend sharing any relevant logs you encounter while troubleshooting.

-- BD.


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