Debian 4.0

For those who haven't seen/played with it already:

Debian 4.0


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And just a reminder to those who may have heard that the Etch kernel has a kernel option enabled which breaks multicast/multipath things; Linode uses its own kernels anyway, so it won't affect us.

when might we be seeing this show up in the Distro Wizard?

The Debian distribution here on Linode is wonderfully minimal, such that it should really be quite easy to simply update it to Etch before doing anything.

You may already know the steps, but in case somebody else wants to try it:

1) Deploy the Linode Debian distribution.

2) Edit /etc/apt/sources.conf and change all instances of "sarge" to "etch".

3) apt-get update

4) apt-get dist-upgrade

Voila! A minimal Etch system.


when might we be seeing this show up in the Distro Wizard?

I noticed Debian 4.0 being in Linode's Distro Wizard today. I'm not sure when it was added. The initial size on disk has increased:

Debian 3.1 = 95 MB

Debian 4.0 = 168 MB


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