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how to scroll or page up n down past top of terminal window

When I use weblish the screen does not allow navigation through stdout display back above the top of the window. Much information is inaccessible and the most I see is the end of the stdout.

I have used redirect to file then open that file with less which is good enough with help files. If I try this with an apt install there is a write to the file but I can not tell how close to the stdout the text is. Also, I am not able to see if the install occurred or if there was only a write to the redirect file. I can figure this out later.

For now could you tell me is there a better way to do this?

I search for it online some time now and have not seen anyone post across the stackexchange based forums any question of the sort. I have tinkered around with redirect to file not much more do I know.

Thanks in advance!

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I guess I'm not understanding…

You don't have to create a file when you do redirection…you can use a pipe:

apt <whatever> 2>&1 | less

and then use the file navigation commands on whatever less(1) is showing you. 2>&1 means 'intersperse stderr with stdout'…hopefully you can tell the difference.

apt will i/o suspend when the pipe gets full and less(1) hasn't consumed it all yet.

-- sw

You write:

I have used redirect to file then open that file with less which is good enough with help files.

less(1) has file navigation commands:


-- sw

stevewi and who ever else may read this:

I guess I am actually trying to ask if there is way to back forth through stdout that does not require a redirect to file then read file with app. I am trying to cut-out these two steps inorder to save time, space and thought processes.

When I wrote:

I have used redirect to file then open that file with less which is good enough with help files.

I was wrong to phrase it that way.

Funny is if I could back forth through stdout I could read the help files easier and not need to search online for answers.

Thanks for the help. That is really what I was looking for yet just could not remember. I have been bouncing all over the place between languages and the Windows os. Kind of hard to make stuff stick without using it but this time I got it and will be able to move forward with a better way to read the help files. I feel crushed for time and needed this one tid-bit to give me an edge forward, I really appreciate it, thanks!

You're welcome. If you are using Windows as a client, you can install a Linux VM on your Windows machine using Hyper-V:


Also, nearly all the ssh* commands are available using cmd.exe:


-- sw


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