OpenSSH on Windows times out after changing the hostname.

After changing the hostname of my Ubuntu 20.04 linode, I was unable to connect to SSH using openSSH. I received the following error:

async io completed with error: 10060, io:000001F4C12DF220

Only after changing my hostname back to the default "localhost" was I able to gain access to SSH again.

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The public key for your Linode has the old hostname ("localhost") in it. You need to generate new ssh keys if the hostname changes. Then you need to export the new public key to all the systems that are going to connect to your Linode.

-- sw

Let me make sure I'm understanding you. I should generate a new key pair from the server, then copy the keys to my windows machine? Where should I copy them to?

As I understood your post,

  • you changed the host name on your Linode; and
  • you are trying to login from a Windows machine to your Linode.

Therefore, after you change the host name of your Linode, you must

  • generate a new key pair for your Linode with ssh-keygen; and
  • copy the public key to your Windows machine and install it wherever it is your ssh terminal program expects to find it (on Unix/Linux, you would append it to $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys).

-- sw


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