MINECRAFT: getting error after changing server map

I created a linode minecraft server - At first it worked fine, very happy with the service provided - I then followed a community guide for changing the map for the server - I connected via SSH to the remote server and then used the scp command from my local machine to upload the save file for the world I wanted to use into a custom user I made on the remote server - however, after uploading the file and changing the server.properties "level-name" to the name of my file I can no longer connect to the server - When trying to connect I get an error:

io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: syscall:getsockopt(…) failed: Connection refused: 45-79-xxx-xx.ip.linodeusercontent.com/45.79.xxx.xx:2xxx5

Any help please? very frustrating.

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I’m going to guess that when you uploaded the new map files to the sever, the file and directory ownership/permissions were not changed over.

You probably should check that the username running Minecraft has permissions/access to those files and directories.


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