Need a linux 5.3 kernel for Arch Linux

Hey there,

In the cloud interface, under configurations for your specific linode, you can set the kernel version.

This goes down to 5.4 and 4.14.

Unfortunately, I need 5.3 since a change in 5.4 is affecting a service of mine.

Is there a way to get access to 5.3, or override this configuration from within my linode? I could install a 5.3 kernel but I think this configuration overrides my attempt at running the kernel on boot.


EDIT: I actually see that these kernels are available but deprecated since they dont work on linode hardware I presume.

I would like to change my question. I have the package of a kernel that did work before I upgraded, but how I can force the linode to use this kernel that I install instead of relying on this boot configuration?

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So you're aware, Arch Linux as a distribution does not support - and is very commonly broken by - what they refer to as "partial upgrades." That refers to not updating ALL packages on the system to the latest versions available in the package repositories. Holding your kernel back definitely applies. If you need to keep a certain kernel version for a longer span of time, either use the linux-lts package in Arch Linux, or pick a new distro that provides the stability you require.

Yea I didn't expect the kernel to break a service. Lesson learned.

Custom kernel can be installed with GRUB on linode for anyone in the future.


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