How login to Glish username and password?

I tried many times to login but failed…..
name login: - what we provide here???i tried all possible username and also tried with 'root' it showing login incorrect….what we use above field…if it is root username how can retrieve root username or can we reset that?

I appreciate your help!!!

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A lish/glish session is just like any other session on a Linux machine…so whatever user accounts you've established for ssh will work with lish/glish. If you haven't established any user accounts for your machine, you won't be able to log in anywhere…including lish/glish.

The only thing special about lish/glish is that it's the Linux "console device"…which has some special properties established by the OS.

Usually, when you create a Linode, you specify the root password. Try using that.

-- sw


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