Custom distro -- trying to learn from linode provided ubuntu

Does anyone know how the shift from inittab to upstart would effect a UML guest system?

I'm trying to get a full ubuntu desktop running on my linode. I posted about some of the problems I've been having here:

My current strategy is to build an ubuntu file system at home, to try to tweak it for UML as best I can, and to upload it. I've done that, and it hung during the boot process. I think it has to do with getty (but I'm not sure).

Caker provided a link to this page: … stribution">

Which tells me to edit inittab. Ubuntu feisty doesn't have inittab -- it uses upstart, and so it has a different config file, /etc/default/console-setup: … +bug/61539">

I tried to get that right, but my system is hanging, so I figured I'd install the stripped down feisty we have available to us here, and steal some of the configs. It turns out that the linode feisty doesn't seem to be using upstart -- it has an inittab file, and no console-setup file.

I was wondering if anyone can shed any light on the upstart situation -- is linode's feisty using inittab because upstart doesn't work, or because it's the product of an upgrade of some sort, etc. And is anyone using upstart successfully?

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I originally installed Ubuntu 4.10/Warty on my Linode. I have upgraded through each of 5.04/Hoary, 5.10/Breezy, 6.06/Dapper, 6.10/Edgy and now 7.04/Feisty without re-installing.

I use upstart successfully. To get ttys and some other events working, you need /etc/event.d files. I've documented tty0 at … _on_Ubuntu"> but this doesn't sound like your whole problem.

Oh and my /etc/console-setup directory is exactly as set up by the console-setup package, as far as I can tell. Installing ubuntu-minimal should get you all relevant packages.

Thanks very much for this. I'm going to tack another crack at this in a day or so…

I really appreciate the help, though.


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