Do disk update vs disk resize in the API do the same thing?


In the API there is a disk update endpoint (PUT to{linodeId}/disks/{diskId}) and a disk resize endpoint (POST to{linodeId}/disks/{diskId}/resize).

Both the disk update and resize endpoints accept a size argument for the disk's size in MB. Does that mean these endpoints do the same thing? Or should I be using the resize endpoint for resizing?

Thank you.

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When I attempted to use PUT with {"label": "New Disk Name", "size": 50688 } in the request body to{linodeId}/disks/{diskId}

I received the following response:

    "errors": [
            "reason": "size is not an editable field.",
            "field": "size"

When I removed the 'size' field, the endpoint updated the name.

When I used the POST endpoint instead, the disk resized.


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