How do I change my root domain to another sub domain?

I have a Problem

my root domain dns changed to another host

but there are alot of domains located and hosted in linode

How do I change my root domain to another sub domain so I can login

and reached files and databases, mails, and all the content of my


can you advice?

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Hello Mohamed,

For illustration, let's call things as follows:

Description Example
Your Registrar
Your Domain
You Subdomains,
Your new DNS Servers,

Scenario 1: All DNS Records at

You will need to copy all the records from the Linode DNS Manager for each subdomain to Instructions for creating the subdomains at will be specific to that DNS provider.

You can use the Linode DNS Manager to browse through your subdomains to determine the records, or you can use the linode-api or the linode-cli to get your records programmatically. See the Appendix A for an example of how to do this.

Scenario 2: Use for, Linode's DNS servers for the subdomains

At you will need to create NS records for each subdomain. Instructions for how to do this at would be specific to that DNS provider.

Name Server Subdomain

Note: You do not need to remove the root zone from the Linode DNS Manager as it will not be referenced.

Appendix A: Downloading DNS Records from the linode-cli

Assuming you have installed the linode-cli you would use the following command to get the id for each domain:
linode-cli domains list

id domain type status soa_email
968719 master active
1769660 master active
818976 master active

For each domain, using its id, you would then use the following command to get the records for that domain ( is shown):

linode-cli domains records-list 1769660

id type name target ttl_sec priority weight
8057428 TXT v=spf1 mx -all 0 10 5
18461244 A blog 0 0 0
19106776 A mail 0 0 0

You can also download your DNS Zones using the method described here:


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