Cannot find GRUB drive

I am trying to install run a DietPi-PREP script in which turns a current install of Debian into a DietPi instance. However, I receiving an error about the GRUB drive cannot be found?

Is there a kernal setting I need to change in Linode's configuration to fix this?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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If you are booting your Linode using the "GRUB 2" setting in your Configuration, Linode provides the GRUB bootloader behind the scenes which uses a grub.cfg file on /dev/sda.

It is also important to note that by default /dev/sda on Linode is typically the equivalent of the /dev/sda1 that would be present on a physical system. It does not contain a master boot record or any partitioning.

It is possible to install a custom distribution where /dev/sda is partitioned by following this guide:

If the above solution doesn't work, remember that the x64_86 flavor of DietPi is in development, and may still have a few issues.


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