Reverse DNS is not updating

Hello everyone,
I know it will probably be a mistake that I made but the reverse DNS that I set in the network configurations of my Linode is not resolving properly. I set the reverse DNS of the IP to When I query the PTR record from the DNS server, the domain name is returned correctly, which indicates that the DNS server is configured correctly. However, when I query the PTR record from other DNS servers, e.g., I receive the domain not found error. I waited for three days for the record to propagate throughout DNS servers but still not resolving correctly!
Could anyone please suggest a solution to this problem or a troubleshooting procedure?
Thanks in advance!

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It appears that the internet authority for 194.x.x.x is not properly delegating rDNS SOA for this subnet, so the rDNS queries are not reaching Linode's name servers to get the PTR record:

dig -x +trace

I have let Linode's administrators know that this is happening.


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