How use login in lish?

I can see the login page as like following:
name login:_
when i enter 'root' or any other username and press enter then it saying login incorrect…there is no other prompt asking for password…I am new here,struggle with this many days….
Appreciate your help!!!!

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Common Login Problems

  • Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive. 'root' is different that 'ROOT". Try entering the password with caps Lock on and with off in case it was on when you initially set the password.

  • The root password is different the password used to login to the Linode Cloud Manager.

  • The password does not show any indication when you type.

  • Linode Kubernetes Engine worker nodes are not directly accessible from LISH

  • If you wrote down your password, beware of commonly confused characters such as:

    • " o ", " O ", and " 0 "
    • " 1 ", " | ", and " l "
    • " ` ", " ' ", and " , "
    • " 8 " and " B "
    • " - " and " _ "
  • Root login may have been disabled by you or someone using your account and you may need to use a different account to login.

  • a hacker may have guessed a simple password and has changed it

Resetting your Linode's Password

If you need to reset your Linode's Password, you will want to follow this guide:

I can reset the root password from cloud manager.But the new password is not reflecting in login part…still getting login incorrect alert.
Also tried rescue method passwd…still not bale to solve this issue.

Can you tell us more about your system in case it has some bearing on a possible solution? Anything that you can think of might be helpful. i.e.

  • What distribution are you using?
  • When did the problem start to occur? What happened with the system prior to the problem starting?
  • What software did you install on the system?
  • Are you using Glish, Weblish, or LISH via SSH? (Have you tried a different approach? For example, Command-V does not work in Glish for pasting a password, you would need to choose, Edit->Paste from the browser's menu bar to paste into Glish.
  • Do you have more than one Configuration Profile/Root disk? Perhaps you are changing the password on one, but are booting using a config that references the other.


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