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How can i change IP Address in Fail2ban?

Hi today i realised that my ip address has chenged. İ dont know the reason but i m using vpn maybe it is the reason. I know how to change the ip address in fail2ban but i am not sure where to login to ssh. Should i use lish console?

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Your device(s) IP address is subject to change due to being dynamically assigned and/or depending on how you are connecting to the internet.

If you’re trying to whitelist your IP in fail2ban then that would be changed by SSHing into your server as you normally do and edit with a text editor such as Vim, Nano, EMacs.

Usually whitelisting is only needed if you are often having too many failed login attempts. A password manager that you can copy and paste your password would solve that issue.

If you’re trying to get into Linode’s IRC you can use the web client to see if that’s working instead. https://webchat.oftc.net

I have a couple questions so we can clarify the issue.

Which IP address has changed; the Linode server or your personal device’s IP address?

Why does the IP address need to be changed in fail2ban?

my internet's ip address has changed. (ignoreip = i wrote my internet's ip adress here in fail2ban. i asked my ip address in this website (www.whatismyipaddress.com). But today it is showing a different one. And now i am not sure i should change it via lish or powershell?

By the way i can not connect IRC?


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