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Does Linode permit scientific distributed compute applications like BOINC?

As the title implies, Does Linode permit the use of scientific distributed compute applications, such as BOINC, Folding@home etc., on their servers?

These projects usually consume all available resource (~100% CPU/GPU) 24/7, so some cloud providers frown upon them.

To avoid contention issues, I would seek to run them on Dedicated CPU or GPU instances.

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As long as you run them on dedicated CPU/GPU Linodes, Linode really doesn't care. Could even mine crypto if you wanted to, not that it would be worth it (but again, only on dedicated CPU/GPU Linodes).

For everyone reading this: applications like BOINC and crypto mining are not permitted on shared CPU Linodes. It is a violation of the ToS, and Linode will give you a warning when they observe it; if the activity is not stopped, then you can have your account terminated.


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