what do i fill in here?


idk what to fill in here i only found one tutorial that helped and this wasnt even there

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You have to create a non-root/sudo account on your server.

To elaborate on what @LouWestin said:

It is fine to use the default value of 'lgsmuser".

When creating a Minecraft server using the Linode Marketplace App, there are three "layers" to the system, each with separate user accounts:

  • The Linode Cloud Manager
    This is the account you use to create, boot, and shutdown your Linode. When you are deploying a Minecraft Server, you are using your Cloud Manager account

  • Your Linode
    There are a three different accounts created by default related to the Marketplace App:

    • root - The default all powerful user, called a "superuser". This Marketplace App prevents this user from logging in over the network for security reasons.
    • a "non-root admin/SSH" user that is limited to essential functions, but can use the password protected "sudo" command to perform administrative actions when necessary. This account has access to the LinuxGSM tools. See https://linuxgsm.com for more details about LinuxGSM.
    • a service account called "mcserver" - this account runs the Minecraft Server itself
  • The Minecraft Server
    Your Mojang/Minecraft/Microsoft Account is used to connect to the game server running inside your Linode to play the game.


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