What logs are the basis for the CPU and Network analytics?

I first posted a question on ServerFault (so far no replies). I won't repeat the problem description here, as you can just read it on ServerFault. But I realized that a Linode-specific question is related: When I see the analytics on the Linode dashboard, I know they must be aggregated from logs, and those logs might also have more information about what processes were using the CPU or sending packets to/from the network. Can someone point me to potentially relevant log files to find out what crazy thing happened on my server for several hours yesterday?

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If you haven't reviewed it yet, the Investigate the cause of high CPU usage? Community Question post should be a great primer. There is also the How do I check my server’s log files? post that covers reviewing service logs. Unfortunately, if you don't have a monitoring service set up, it's usually hard to pin down what happened to a Linode after the fact like this. Best of luck with the service logs, though!


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