Deploying an app through the Linode Marketplace creates a new Linode instance or can you use your existing one?

I already have a Linode setup with everything you need to start installing/configuring & building things. And I do not need or want to create a new compute instance as that's just an extra cost and honestly I am just playing more than anything atm.

So, just in case I am missing something, is there anyway you can deploy a Linode marketplace app using your already configured Linode? …without creating a new compute instance? I don't think so but wanted to make sure before I go ahead with the manual installation.

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Good question. TTBOMK the marketplace apps requires a new instance.

Personally, I am skeptical of marketplace apps in that I don't know how current the applications are and some only work with older versions of Ubuntu and some only work with an OS I don't want to deal with.

Which brings up the question: Where is the current list of Linode OS offerings? I've always wanted to see if I had the 'chops' to run Arch Linux and pacman.


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