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Kubernetes, can't create an ingress

i'm getting an error when trying to create a new ingress , it complains about the rules section , that is the command i'm writing

kubectl create ingress first-deployment --rule=firstdeployment.myawesomesite.com/*=first-deployment:80

first-deployment is

default first-deployment ClusterIP <none> 80/TCP 31h</none>

i'm getting this

no matches found: --rule=firstdeployment.myawesomesite.com/*=first-deployment:80

i have Traefik installed
any idea why i'm getting this error

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Linode Staff

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Hi there,

I suspect you may have already found a solution to this question however I do feel the community could benefit from an answer to this. The key to the problem you're encountering is in the last snippet you've shared..

no matches found: --rule=firstdeployment.myawesomesite.com/*=first-deployment:80

This is likely because your shell is interpreting the asterisk character as a wildcard instead of passing it into the command. You'll want to escape it with a \ like as follows:

kubectl create ingress first-deployment --rule=first-deployment.disqret.com/\*=first-deployment:80

Hope that helps!



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