How to make a linode-bucket public

Is, there a way using which we can make all the objects in a linode-bucket public.

Basically I want that whenever new objects are added in a linode-bucket, it will become automatically public.

I tried using bucket-access as public read, but still the objects are private inside that bucket.

I even used "s3cmd setacl s3://bucket-name --acl-public --recursive"
to make all the objects public, it works.
But the new objects that are added in the bucket after running this command, still remain private.

I want whenever a new object is added in a linode-bucket, it will become public automatically.

Is there a way to do this, (as same thing can be done in aws using bucket-policy).

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You should be able to use a bucket policy to accomplish this. We have detailed instructions available in this Linode Community Questions post:

Public Read Access for Object Storage Bucket

More details about bucket policies are available in this guide as well.


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