How do I access the minecraft server console as root?

I currently have a random user on my server. Unsure as to how he got the IP information to it as I have not shared that publicly with anyone but friends. Don't know if friends have shared it.

But, when I type "/etc/systemd/system/mcserver.service" into the console as root user, it tells me "-bash: /etc/systemd/system/mcserver.service: no such file or directory". I'm using this code as it is directly from the minecraft marketplace page here on Linode.

Did I not install something correctly? Should I not be using this command as root user? This is my first time setting up a cloud VM instance. I'm running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (GNU/Linux 5.4.0-117-generic x86_64).

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This is a systemd service definition. To stop, start, restart a systemd service, you enter:

sudo systemctl {start,stop,restart} mcserver

If you are already logged in as the super-user, you can leave off the sudo part of the command.

You can't execute the service definition from the shell.

-- sw

Ran the "systemctl start mcserver" and it looks like it started. No output saying that it could not be run. What would the next step be? Apologies for the questions.

Hey Steve. I figured it out. Did a little digging and found out the answer. Thanks for your help with the earlier step!

The random user(s) is a player using a hacked client that provides them with cheats.

They get a list of available server IP addressees and join. I’ve spun up a new server and within 2 minutes had someone already joining. One person popped on, told me fu, and left just as fast.

Worst case they’ll use cheats to X-ray mine and hoard out all your good resources on your map. Some turn into major problems, like destroying everything you built.

You can whitelist the server to stop them from joining. Add your friend’s In-game names.

Already banned them and took appropriate measures. Found his base and I'm looting it for his stuff. I don't see any good materials. He just has a big farm and a half built manor home.


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