Has anyone tried setting up a cloud desktop dev environment?

Has anyone tried setting up a remote dev environment either as a remote desktop or cloud processing (ex: remote compiling code)?

I was just reading on a Jetbrain tool called Projector and using it on AWS. I'd like to try that but would prefer using linode. ( https://medium.com/swlh/how-to-run-android-studio-on-any-device-with-jetbrains-projector-3d9d23a8c179 )

I'm wondering what product would be a best fit for something like that, and if anyone has experience doing that.

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Hi there!

I haven't personally set up Projector on a Debian instance but looking over the GitHub Repo, it should be pretty simple.

The suggested requirement is an instance with 8Gb RAM. Our Shared 8GB Linodes have 160GB SSD storage and are $0.06/hour up to $40.00/month. That should work fine. If not, you can always resize your Linode to upgrade your resources.

If it were me, I would take a few extra steps to secure my sever like adding a limited user, adding an SSH key, and disallowing root logins.

Good luck!


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