Will the 'Accrued Charges' be charged to my Promotion Referral

Title says it all. I have a screenshot here for more information.

Or will it charge the default payment method linked to the account?

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If you have any credit in your Linode account, whether that be from a referral or other promotion, you paying in advance, or otherwise, your Linode credit is used first. If you have $25.00 in your account from a referral and you get a $30.00 dedicated Linode, you will only have $5.00 charged to your payment method on file. On the other hand, if you have a $5.00 Linode for the next five months, your referral credit of $25.00 would be charged over that time period of five months, and your payment method won't be used. On the sixth month, you would be charged $5.00 if you still had that Linode, as your account balance would then be $0.00.

Hope this helps.


So according to this screenshot my linked payment method will not be charged but money will be taken away from my promotion referral (i.e. the balance shown in that box will be $98.74)?


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