Why beef.info don't exist?

I tried to install beef but when I try to do cat /root/beef.info an error tell me that this don't exist.

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Did your look for it in other places? /etc maybe?

sudo find / -name beef.info 2>/dev/null

-- sw

If you are using the Beef - Marketplace App to deploy a Beef server, you should also keep in mind that the Linode will deploy and be accessible before Beef has fully provisioned. You should allow at least 10-15min for Beef to fully install and create all the files/services required to run it, including /etc/beef.info.

To test this, I deployed a new Beef Marketplace Linode, connected and attempted to cat and find this file. Initially, it was not present on my Linode, but after waiting 15min and retrying, the file was present.


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