Get the client Ip behind a loadbalancer

i'm trying to get the client Ip address behind a loadbalancer, i read that i need to configure my web server software to use the XFF header

where can i do that?
i have my load balancer cluster and another cluster with my nodes


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The X-Forwarded-For (XFF) HTTP header field is a setting to configure through the web server. The web server is the service that serves your site from the backend node. The most common are Apache and NGINX.
I did a quick Google search and found these pieces of documentation that should help:

Apache Module mod_remoteip
Apache and X-Forwarded-For Header (XFF)

Using the Forwarded header
NGINX and X-Forwarded-For Header (XFF)

Hi @watrick
i don't really understand how i will configure nginx for API services to get the client Ip, is there anything i need to do on the load balancer dashboard,
i tried to read the x-forward-for , it is returning a weird Ip address that is based in UK (where my cluster is located) but i'm sending request (as a client) from another country far away from UK
please help


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