Backing Up Managed DB instances

Starting to use the MySQL Managed DB cluster, and while Linode does daily backups, I'd like to have more control over the backups.

I know I can use mysqldump and pull the whole database onto another machine, but that seems rather inefficient. I'm starting to look into Percona XtraBackup, but it seems that it requires access to the data directory, which (I believe) we don't have on the managed db hosts.

What are others doing for more frequent, and incremental backups on their managed databases?

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Linode Staff

There are some Alternative Backup Methods mentioned in the Managed Database documentation. Specifically, how to create a backup of your MySQL database using mysqldump.

You mention backing that up to it's own instance isn't the right choice for you. In that case, this guide on Backing up your DB to Object Storage with Restic may be a little more relevant.


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