Are there any concurrent limitations for Firewall?

Nodebalancers have a maximum connection limit of 10,000 concurrent connections, and i wonder if firewalls have any kinda of limitations (bandwidth per second, concurrent connections)…

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Hey @andresribeiro!

Cloud Firewall rules are instituted at the host-level. With that in mind, the only network limitations on your Cloud Firewall will be the same as those for your Linode plan size.

There are other limits and considerations to take into account with Cloud Firewalls, however, which are noted in our Cloud Firewall documentation. These are:

  • Cloud Firewalls are compatible with all Linode Compute Instances. They are not currently directly supported on other Linode services, such as NodeBalancers or Object Storage.
  • A Cloud Firewall can be attached to multiple Compute Instances but a Compute Instance can only be attached to one active (enabled) Cloud Firewall at a time.
  • Cloud Firewall rules are applied to traffic over the public and private network but are not applied to traffic over a private VLAN.
  • A maximum of 25 rules can be added to each Cloud Firewall
  • A maximum of 255 IP addresses (and ranges) can be added to each Cloud Firewall rule.
  • All IP addresses and IP Ranges must be formatted correctly, or changes will be unable to be saved.
  • A maximum of 15 ports (and port ranges) can be defined on each Cloud Firewall rule.


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