Partial hour billing when using kubernetes?

We've started using kubernetes autoscaling for bursty workloads, and have a question regarding billing for the temporary Linodes.

Currently, we're seeing a common workflow where a Linode will be up for 15 minutes, complete the work, then be cleaned up by auto scaling once the kube node has no pods allocated to it. This is expected based on our configuration.

Does this 15 minutes charge a full hour?
If a node is brought up then down again within an hour, is that charged as ANOTHER hour (so two billable hours in total)?

Is there a way to have the automatic kube autoscaling keep the node around until it approaches the full hour (e.g., don't shut it down until it's 50 minutes old, or some hourly increment of that)?

Separately, but related for our workflow: Is there documentation on how kube autoscaling selects the pool to scale to satisfy pod requirements? For example, if we have 4 pods launched simultaneously that required 3 CPU each, is autoscaling smart enough to expand the 16 core pool by one, versus the 4 core pool by 4?

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